Update the copyright year in all of your GitHub repos

Update the copyright year in all of your GitHub repositories.

How does it work?

  1. Clone all repositories owned by your account in a temporary directory. new_yearify will only clone repositories that aren’t forks and aren’t archived.
  2. Change 2021 to 2022 in any files with the word “license” in them (not case sensitive).
  3. If changed, commit the change and push it.

Pretty simple but trust me, when you have a lot of repositories it saves you a ton of time.


  • macOS: brew install gleich/homebrew-tap/new_yearify.
  • Linux and Windows: download a binary from the releases page.

Basic Usage

Creating a PAT (personal access token)

Before you can use new_yearify you need to create a personal access token from GitHub. Please select the repo scope. To be able to load private repositories, this top-level scope needs to be selected. If you don’t feel comfortable using this top-level scope you can tick none of the boxes to have new_yearify just update public repositories.

Running the CLI

Open up your terminal and run the following terminal command:

This will update all copyright years from 2021 to 2022


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