Utility functions for work with the Kubernetes Go-Client


This repository contains utils for the work with Kubernetes, in specific with the go-client library.


This package contains utils which are useful for testing (e.g. with the fake-client).


Having the ReactionFunc signature, the following helper exist:

  • GenerateNameReactor: setting the ObjectMeta.Name field, based on ObjectMeta.GenerateName (as ObjectMeta.Name is not set automatically by the fake-client, if only ObjectMeta.GenerateName is set).
  • SecretDataReactor: setting the Secret.Data field based on Secret.StringData (as Secret.Data is not set automatically by the fake-client, if only Secret.StringData is set).


clientset := fake.NewSimpleClientset()
clientset.PrependReactor("create", "pods", GenerateNameReactor)
pod := &v1.Pod{
	ObjectMeta: metav1.ObjectMeta{
		Namespace:    "default",
		GenerateName: "testpod-",
	Spec: v1.PodSpec{
		Containers: []v1.Container{
				Name:  "nginx",
				Image: "nginx",
createdPod, _ := clientset.CoreV1().Pods(pod.Namespace).Create(ctx, pod, metav1.CreateOptions{})
fmt.Printf("Name: %s", createdPod.Name) //remember: the pods Name field was not set, only GenerateName
clientset := fake.NewSimpleClientset()
clientset.PrependReactor("create", "secrets", SecretDataReactor)

secret := &v1.Secret{
	ObjectMeta: metav1.ObjectMeta{
		Namespace: "default",
		Name:      "my-secret",
	StringData: map[string]string{
		"my-key": "my-value",
	Type: v1.SecretTypeOpaque,

createdSecret, _ := clientset.CoreV1().Secrets(secret.Namespace).Create(ctx, secret, metav1.CreateOptions{})

fmt.Printf("Secrets data: %+v", createdSecret.Data) //remember: the secrets StringData field was set, not the Data field


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