Web crawling by using golang


Construct a product price comparison service that enables customers to search and compare prices from two online shopping platforms (Amazon and Walmart) simultaneously.

service YourService {
  rpc Search (Request) returns (stream Result) {}

// Where `Request` is search keyword and `Result` contins merchandise information (e.g., name, price, image, link, etc.) 



  • [ ] 1. The model need to be able to query and search at least 2 online shopping platforms.
  • [ ] 2. Unit test is required.
  • [ ] 3. Using Worker package (multi-threading in Golang) to accelerate workflow. But there must be a maximum limit, though. (Use third-party tools)
  • [ ] 4. Multi-page results must be supported.
  • [ ] 5. Colud use interface feature to make code more flexible and extendable.
  • [ ] 6. When program is interrupted, worker can not be stopped until it complete its task.

Optional (Plus)

  • [ ] 1. Construct a proper front-end web application.
  • [ ] 2. Support streaming feature to return query result asynchronously as it might take long time to complete the whole searching process.
  • [ ] 3. Support database to support simulate cache.
  • [ ] 4. Construct a proper log system for better error tracking and debuging.

First time Use?

  1. Make sure Golang is installed on your machine.
  2. Clone the project under the proper path (i.e., ~/USERNAME/go/src/
  3. Under the project folder, use terminal command:
// This command will download all required packages.
$ go mod download 

Libraries Used

Web crawling:

  • colly: open source web crawling framework for golang.



  1. Using existing gframework or libraries is a good approach.
  2. Be aware of NOT sending query too frequent.
  3. Query result threshold can be specified in advance. Out-of-stock merchandise can be ignored as well.

Something Useful:


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