(0) Uploading a file fails for any reason on WordPress

I have two identical websites both w/ Contact Form 7 along with the Drag and Drop Multiple File Upload plugin.

The only difference between the sites is that one is hosted on WPEngine, supporting PHP to process the forms, and the other is on Amazon Web Services which I know I need to use SMTP to process the forms.

On the Amazon Web Services hosted site with the form where users can upload multiple files with the plugin, where when i upload it I get this error: “Uploading a file fails for any reason” See:

On the WPEngine hosted website, or any other site (non AWS, non Google Cloud Platform, Azure), it works and it uploads the file: where it successfully uploads.

Does anyone know what the issue is?

I’m assuming it has something to do with PHP but i can’t find any documentation online about this specific error message.

It’s also happening on another one of my clients websites where they are on AWS Lightsail as well.

any help is appreciated!


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