13 Best QR Code Generators for Your Next Digital Campaign

If you run a business in modern times, you must have heard about QR codes and their positive impact on its growth.

QR (Quick Response) Codes are the most convenient navigators to your online products and services. Modern QR Codes can store a plethora of information that can help you engage your consumers better. In a way, a QR Code lets make your online presence accessible to your offline audience.

No doubt, QR Codes are the way to go, but how do you actually get to generate one. To answer this, let’s look at some of the best QR Code generators that help you swiftly generate your QR.


Visualead breaks down the QR generation process into four easy steps; select QR type, design the code, print the code, and manage your campaign. More than 500,000 businesses, including giants like Hp and Intel, trust Visualead as their QR solution. Mostly due to its friendly UI and easy-to-use layout.

Hands down, Visualead offers way more QR types than any other QR generator on the internet. You can find QR types like Website URL, vCard, Facebook Page, Email, Custom Text, and many more when clicking on the Generate Code Option. Moreover, you can find QR types that suit business, personal, utility, and social needs.

After you feed in the required information for your code, Visualead offers multiple customization options for your code. The code quickly gets generated after you customize and click OK, but you will have to log in to Visualead to download the generated QR.

Wix QR Generator

The Wix QR generator is perfect for the fans of minimalism out there. You can create your custom QR in a few clicks on the clean-looking WIX QR generator website. WIX offers all major QR types like Text, URL, Phone, and Image, but you also get unique QR types like PDF, Geolocation, Wi-Fi, and Email with the platform.

The QR generation process is a cakewalk on WIX as you only need to select the preferred QR type and enter the value. The QR Code on the bottom right changes according to the value you enter as you do this. You get limited customization options like tweaking the size between 100 px to 1000px and changing the background and foreground colors of the QR Code.

The best part about Wix is that it needs no sign-up for downloading your QR Code. You can download your QR by clicking on Download and selecting the format of your download.

qr code generator

Kaywa QR Code

Often, the information stored in the QR gets outdated, but the QR Code still redirects you to the original information. Moreover, this problem becomes a menace when you get this QR printed or crafted physically as the wrong QR keeps on adding to the consumer’s confusion.

Kaywa aims to fix this problem by giving you the option to choose between Dynamic and Static QR Codes. The dynamic code changes the information stored within it as per the creator’s needs.

You get options to carve a URL, contact, or coupon into a QR, but the platform does not support free QR generation. The user needs to choose between their paid plans, including the Starter pack, Advanced pack, or the Premium pack.


Flowcode QR Generator offers unique QR types such as Snapchat, Twitter, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Venmo, Google Drive, and more. Apart from the pre-defined QR types, Flowcode also gives you the option to convert a file from your storage into a QR Code. The file can either be a pdf, image, video, or audio with a maximum size of 20MB.

You get a decent amount of customization options with Flowcode to change the QR pattern style, foreground color, and QR theme. Moreover, you can also add a center image from your device with a maximum size of 5MB.

Flowcode quickly generates your QR code after you finalize the code design and proceed further. You will have to sign up on Flowcode to download the created QR.

qr code generator

QR Code Chimp

QR Code Chimp is the customization king of all QR generators out there. It offers all the basic QR types, including Facebook, Event, Vcard, Coupon, and more, but the magic happens when you customize your QR.

You can customize the shape, color, logo, and even add stickers to your code. The sky is the limit with this tool, as you can create unique QR codes like a Heart-shaped QR, Coffee shaped Code, and even a Guitar shaped QR. You can even add a photo of your choice to the code.

The free plan offers you ten dynamic codes, 1,000 scans/ month, but you will have to upgrade to their paid plans if you want more scans.

qr code generator

Imagine getting a QR generator and a data analytic tool baked into one! does just that by letting you track the user acquisition of QR codes generated through the platform. offers all major QR types and a plethora of customization options, but their tracking features make them stand out. You can track the number of visitors through each QR code, their accurate positions, and their behavior. Moreover, you can opt for email notifications that come with the location and device information of the device that scans your QR.

The dynamic QRs made with are highly customizable, and you can even schedule redirects with them. The entire tracking history is available on your the profile, you can import anytime in a spreadsheet.

qr code generator


There are times when you just want a simple QR code that you can quickly create without getting into the hassle of signing up for customizing your code. If that’s the case, Shopify’s QR generator is perfect for this use case.

Shopify offers simple QR types like URL, Phone number, SMS, or custom text. The code generation process is simple; enter your Email, select a QR type, enter the value, and press Create QR code. That’s it. You can generate a functional QR code within seconds. Moreover, you can also see a real-time preview of your code.

The QR code gets emailed to the address you entered on the website. Also, make sure to untick the prompt for getting ads on your Email to avoid spam emails.

qr code generator

QR Creator

It would sound unbelievable if we said that you could get all the QR features like Dynamic QR, awesome customizability, plenty of QR types, QR statistics, and tons of more features just for FREE! Well, you’ve hit the jackpot with the QR creator, and they don’t even require you to sign-up on their website. Moreover, these QR codes have no expiration and are print compatible.

The Code generation process is straightforward, requiring no authentication or registration. The platform can add multiple URLs on a single QR or shorten the URL to make the QR look tidy. That being said, the platform works entirely on user donations via PayPal, and you should donate them to support them.

qr code generator Code Generator is a simple and hassle-free code generator with basic QR types and a simple UI. You also get a real-time QR preview with QR types such as URL, Custom Texts, Contacts, Locations, and more. Also, you get the embed option on the platform, which lets you embed the QR directly onto your website. You can add a logo to your code by inserting a custom image on the platform.

The QR Code Generator has you covered if you ever plan to get the QR code printed on your merchandise. You can directly take your generated QR to Zazzle from the QR Code generator and opt for a print plan according to your needs.

qr code generator

QR Stuff

QR Stuff is yet another QR creator with all the essential features, but some are locked for the paid subscribers. They offer some unique QR types like Skype Calls, Attendance, iTunes Link, PayPal, and Bitcoin, along with all the conventional ones. You can opt for Static and Dynamic QR, but you only get editing access after subscribing to QR Stuff.

The customization options include tweaking the size, colors, and the format of the QR Code. Moreover, you get a feature to reduce the error on the QR, which improves the responsiveness and readability of the codes. You can also tweak the dots and corners or select a pre-set QR template.

The platform is totally ad-free, and you can opt to print multiple QR codes at once. The real-time QR preview also comes in handy when trying different customization options.

qr code generator

QR Code Tiger

The feature set of QR Code Tiger is as majestic as its name, with plenty of QR types and customization options. It even comes with the support of an HTML editor and multiple URLs stuffed in a single QR.

You can create static QRs for free, but you will have to opt for their paid program to create Dynamic QR codes. The paid program also includes features like QR tracking and device information of the scanner. Also, they feature a video guide on their platform to take you through the QR creation process.

The customization options are pretty vivid, with options to change patterns, eyes and even add a logo to the QR. Moreover, you can add a frame or choose from their template library.

qr code generator

QR Code Monkey

Following a similar trend to QR Code Tiger, the QR Code Monkey comes with plenty of QR types and customization options but saves some of its top-notch features for the paid program. The platform offers the function to download your QR in SVG, PDF, or EPS format. Please note that the EPS format is perfect if you plan to print your codes on merchandise, but EPS doesn’t support color gradients.

You can convert MP3, PDFs, or video files of a certain size into QR using the QR Code Monkey and change their quality using the handy quality slider. The Statistics and editability features are limited to the paid program only.


Last but obviously not least, we have QR Code Generator. Hey! rest assured, its features aren’t as generic as its name sounds. The above list features all sorts of bizarre QR types, but none of them come close to the QR Code Generator; you can even convert Word documents and PPTs into QR Codes using this platform.

Like many fellow QR generators on this list, QR Code Generator comes with a paid and a free program. The tracking and statistic features are only available in the paid program, but you can always create static QRs in their free program.

This platform is hands down the most well-documented QR generator out there. You get most of the FAQs answered officially on the website. Moreover, you can opt for their pre-designed templates that include Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, and many more.

The customization options are unique and give you the liberty to tweak the QR according to your needs.

Final Note 👩‍🏫

QR codes are quickly becoming the need for businesses of all kinds. The above list of QR codes features distinct but effective QR generators. We advise you to look for customizability, scalability, and tracking features before choosing the perfect QR scanner. That said, go ahead and grow your business to the top using QR Code technology.


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