5G Tech to Redefine Future of Telecom and Other Industries

Technological innovations that will be brought in by 5G will redefine the future of telecom in India and create a plethora of opportunities across various industries including healthcare, fintech, e-commerce, education and entertainment, claims a CII-Deloitte report. The private networks are believed to witness huge demand from enterprises soon, which will be led by the necessity for security and high-speed connectivity within the operating environment.

While 5G networks will bring in technological innovations that will redefine the future of telecom, the amalgamation of these services with upcoming industries as well as tech enablers such as 5G, IoT and private networks will reorient the industry into a server enabler from a service provider, highlighted the key takeaways of the report.

Role of 5G Tech

As per PTI, the report titled ‘Digital reset – touching a billion Indians’ by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP (DTTILLP) along with CII highlights the major role that 5G tech will play as an enabler and contributor to the progress and success of the enterprise businesses. Also, it details how it eases the lives of common people. Furthermore, the report also underlines the immense opportunities that open up for industries that are based on the digital business model backed by telcos.

DTTILLP’s partner and telecom sector leader, Peeyush Vaish noted that the rollout of high-speed broadband with the help of 5G and satellite broadband will witness the convergence of the telecom ecosystem and essentially leave an impact on the lives of billions of Indians. He added that it will pave the path for bridging the gap between urban and rural lives across sectors such as banking, education, and healthcare.

Given the impact and its potential, the government has to create a separate ministry that is led by a cabinet minister to bring about a digital transformation, which will work with the government bodies as well as the private sector ecosystem in order to drive digital adoption across the country. As per Umang Das, the Chairman of CII Telecom Convergence Summit 2021, the telecom sector is right now at the cusp of transformation towards the digital era and will redefine many other industries on its path.


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