Air of Time — Buy a bottle of air on a given day, as a token of time.

Hi fellow Hunters and Makers!

Time is constantly changing, and so is everything in the world. There’s no way to get a hold of time, or of a particular moment.

You can buy something from a day but its quality and use would degrade over time.

Among all the elements there’s one thing that’s changing the most, the fastest – air. Air’s composition, quality and feel is changing rapidly.

What if we captured the Air of a particular day and kept it in an airtight container? Could that represent a memento, a souvenir, a true real memorabilia of that day?

This is how the concept of Air of Time came into existence.

What is Air of Time?

On a particular day we store fresh natural air from Bay Area, California, in an air tight bottle, and ship it to you wherever you may be.

How much does it cost?
Air of time ships at a flat cost of $1000 per bottle. Yes, that includes taxes and shipping!

We believe Air of Time is invaluable, and it’s real value can only be assessed by the beholder.

Why should one buy Air of time?

Well there’s not one, but 10 reasons. Read on!

We also have a great referral program, and you could earn $250 for every sale that happens through your YRL link!…

Checkout Air of Time today, and share your feedback!

– Sudeep Chauhan



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