Airpods Fit Test — AI that predicts which AirPods Fits you the best

How I got this Idea?
I have heard many people talking about how some Airpods fit well for them but not for others. So I was just curious about why this happens. Then I found that everyone has a different ear shape & size which causes this not fitting Airpods problem.
So I thought that why not just create a thing that predicts which Airpods fits you the best based on your ear.

How does it work?
It compares your ear image to a premade dataset containing different types of ear shapes and sizes. Based on that it predicts which Airpods will fit you the best.

Why did I create it?
I was scared that if I bought the Airpods and then they don’t fit me, then it would be really bad. So that’s why I created this web app because I think many people face this problem.
So by this app, they will get an idea of which Airpods Fits them the best.

If you found this helpful make sure to give some donations to support my work 😀…

– Tanmay M



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