Airtel Black Is Not About Affordability, But Quality Experience

Bharti Airtel has been very careful about its branding and the message that it is sending to its customers. The telco has never focused on being only ‘affordable’ at the cost of experience. Airtel launched its new service named Airtel Black a few months back in India. Airtel Black is a bundled service from Bharti Airtel wherein the customers can combine up to three services from the telco, including Direct-to-Home (DTH), broadband, and postpaid mobile services.

The ‘Airtel Black’ service is actually a step up from One Airtel (an older bundled service provided by the telco in a few cities), which was sort of a beta program for the company to test how the consumers are responding to the bundled services.

Many thought that Airtel Black was something that should be cheap. This is because the service bundles different services and allows users to pay for all of them under a single bill. But upon measuring, there’s not a very big price difference. However, the thing with Airtel Black is, it is not made to be affordable but to provide a quality experience to users.

Bharti Airtel Never Said Airtel Black Is Here to be Cheap

Airtel Black is made to enhance user experience and convenience, not be cheap. The telco only allows postpaid mobile customers to be a part of it; while this will increase its average revenue per user (ARPU), customers also get a ton of benefits.

Airtel allows customers to pay for each service they bundle in all together under a single bill. This helps them save a lot of their valuable time and also offers keeps their mind at ease. Further, the telco promises Airtel Black customers a dedicated relationship team wherein they will never have to wait for more than 60 seconds for their queries to be solved.

Not just that, but the service is ‘made for the customers’, so the telco allows users to bundle in any service they want and at any time they want. Users also have the option to discontinue service whenever they want. The only thing is to be a part of Airtel Black; users need to be postpaid customers.

If you have a large family, Airtel allows up to adding 9 mobile connections under Airtel Black service. Airtel Black is made for customers who have the convenience and quality service. Bharti Airtel never intended the service to be very cheap but to make it convenient for people who are already consuming different services from the company and paying separate bills for it.


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