Airtel Offers Two Kinds of Rs 999 Broadband Plans, Check Here

Bharti Airtel doesn’t just focus on direct consumers but also offers enterprise services that are very affordable and full of value. The telco’s business arm is called Airtel Business. Enterprises looking for a broadband connection will purchase the service from Airtel Business. At the same time, average consumers looking for a broadband connection will buy the service from Airtel Xstream Fiber. Note that both Airtel Business and Airtel Xstream Fiber offer customers a Rs 999 broadband plan. Even though these plans provide the same speed, they are not the same in any way. Here’s how they differ.

Airtel Business Rs 999 Broadband Plan

The Airtel Business Rs 999 broadband plan offers 200 Mbps speed to the client. Further, the company provides two licenses of Airtel Bluejeans and two licenses for ‘Device Security by Kaspersky’. Additionally, this broadband plan offers the client DNS Security by Cisco and a free parallel ringing service.

For the unaware, the parallel ringing feature allows a person to pick the call coming in the landline on their smartphone. This way, even if the person is on the move, they would never miss out on a business deal. The added benefits offered with this plan cost Rs 2,966 otherwise. The company provides a free landline connection with the plan and also offers unlimited data to the client.

Now, let’s take a look at the Rs 999 broadband plan from Airtel Xstream Fiber.

Airtel Xstream Fiber Rs 999 Broadband Plan

The Airtel Xstream Fiber Rs 999 broadband plan offers users a 200 Mbps internet speed as well. Users get 3.3TB of 3,333GB of fair-usage-policy (FUP) data with the plan along with a free landline connection. There are Airtel Thanks benefits, including a free subscription of the Disney+ Hotstar Super and Amazon Prime Video for one year. Users are further entitled to get Wynk Music and other Airtel Thanks benefits with this plan.

If users want, they can also opt for the Xstream Box while purchasing this connection by paying a one-time refundable fee of Rs 1,500.

Both the plans differ when it comes to additional benefits. The plan offered by Airtel Business is much more suited to the needs of people who are running offices or enterprises. But the plan from Xstream Fiber is much more suitable for a normal consumer who is looking to work from home but then also consumes broadband data for entertainment purposes. So at the end of the day, both the plans have merit, it just depends on one’s needs, and according to that, they can choose one of the plans mentioned above.


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