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Hey Product Hunt, Kadir from aliveDomain is here ⚡️
I’m thrilled to be here again after launched Launch Wiki and Awesome Peers a short time ago!

I’ve had worked in a digital agency for 7 years and there were always some customers who are blaming us for their websites go offline!
The reason was mostly that the expiry dates of domains expired!

❌ Renewal notifications are might be sent to someone who;
is a freelancer that you can’t reach every time
is not an employee anymore
… or they are might be sent to directly one of your/your employee’s email addresses which are not used actively.

💡 So, it is nuisance to keep track of the domains which are registered in many registrars. So that, we’ve improved this idea and it is ended up with aliveDomain to cover, not just the agencies, so many people who needed this!

👉 Who needs aliveDomain? For those who:
– Do not own but want to follow the expiry date of other domains
– Have domains in many companies and have difficulty in following them
– Have domains in different companies for SEO and have difficulty in following them
– Want to provide a better experience for their customers by tracking their domains
– Want to get notifications from different channels besides email

Hope you love aliveDomain and get benefit from it!
We’ll be hanging out here all day and would love to hear your thoughts on how to take our product to the next level.

Enjoy 🎉 20% OFF special for the launch day! 🎉

– Kadir Furkan Kiraz



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