Android Auto Upgrades User Experience for Car Travellers

Google has rolled out an update to Android Auto, which brings in new features and capabilities to the car infotainment screen. Notably, the update will let you play games directly from the display of your infotainment system while it is parked. These games will be powered by GameSnacks, an HTML5 platform developed by Google’s Area 120. Previously, some of these games were available to people who enrolled in the beta program of Android Auto. One notable aspect is that these HTML5-based games require an active internet connection to play games.

Besides this, if you have a dual SIM Android smartphone, then you need to choose the specific SIM that you want to use to make calls via Android Auto. Also, this update will bring support to the work profile feature of Android, which lets you take a look at forthcoming work meetings as well as messages on the display of your car. This feature should be useful while you travel and have to attend calls or reply to messages.

New Dashboard For Google Assistant Driving Mode

Besides the Android Auto update, Google is also updating the driving mode feature on Google Assistant in Android smartphones. This update will provide access to the new driving mode dashboard as you connect your phone to the Bluetooth system of your car or when you say “Hey Google, let’s drive”. As per Google, the new driving mode will display you basic viewable and tappable cards available with a single tap.

This mode will let you hear new messages that you receive when you voice out “Hey Google, turn on auto-read”. Also, you can respond to any message with your voice commands. The company will roll out the updated driving mode dashboard in the coming weeks for Android smartphones in English (Canada, Australia, US, Ireland, Singapore, India, and the UK), French, Italian, German, and Spanish (Spain and Mexico).

In the US, Google is in plans to launch payment options on Android Auto. With this new feature, users will be able to pay for fuel through the car’s infotainment screen through Google Pay. Initially, it will be available at more than 32,500 gas stations.



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