AngularJS select list not updating

New to angular, and recently inherited a project built with MVC and AngularJS that hasn’t been updated in a long time.

In the project, there is a select list that is populated by a JSON response from with payment types for that customer. On initial load the select list loads no problem.

However, there is also a modal iframe that adds a new payment form to, and when the user closes the modal form, the page calls the function to connect to again and pull the payments that are on file at that point. The JSON comes back no problem as I can see it logging to the browser. The problem is that the select list isn’t updating.

If I open the select list, close the select list, and open it again; then it will have updated finally with that JSON response. The function hasn’t been called since the modal iframe has been closed, the select list just finally updates after going through that open-close cycle.

Is there something I need to do with my JS function to tell that select list that it needs to update?

Thank you.


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