Apple Mixed Reality Headset Will Have Limited Supply

Image Credits – 9to5mac

Apple might not be the first to do a lot of things, but whatever it does, you can expect class and a great overall experience. The Cupertino tech giant is expected to come out with a mixed reality headset in late 2022. According to 9to5mac, Ming-Chi Kuo, a popular tech analyst known for being accurate about Apple’s plans — Apple will launch a headset in 2022, but it will come with a limited supply.

Significant Shipment of Apple Headset to Not Happen Until Q1 CY23

Apple is going to launch the headset at a later date than planned. Even during the launch, the headset will be available in limited quantities. However, Apple will then boost the availability by the first quarter of 2023.

The reason behind this is pretty evident, and that is the constraints in the supply chain. Even the chipsets are not available very easily these days. Kuo has stated that Apple’s headset will have much more advanced tech than all of its competitors. Though the exact release date of the product is unknown, it is not hard to imagine that Apple will only launch it after the release of the iPhone 14 series in September.

So just like this year, Apple might hold a special event during October or November and launch the mixed reality headset. According to a rumour, the device might be priced around $3000, and that is no measly sum to pay for any consumer gadget, especially when it is a headset. Samsung and some of the other companies have already launched a headset and are into retail with that.

Apple’s product is expected to come with more advanced technology and will have design elements highly inspired by the Apple Watch and AirPods Max. Some reports from credible sources online suggest that there will be advanced sensors and innovative three-display configuration on the product. It will be one of the most exciting products launched by Apple in a long time.


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