Archimedes 2.0 — The confidence to make investing a bigger part of your life

Hey Product Hunt!

We’re the team behind Archimedes, and we want to make investing a bigger part of your life.

It’s been exciting to see many of you start investing for the first time this year. Whether you’ve:
– jumped on board meme stonks (GME or AMC anyone?) in the spring
– owned your first NFT this summer
– tried to buy the constitution
– or set up your 401(k) at work
There have been many opportunities to wade into the unknown. However, with anything new comes the question, “Is what I’m doing right for me?”

We’ve also seen many of you sit on the sidelines because the idea of starting was too intimidating. Or, maybe you didn’t know where to start. But when rising inflation is reducing the value of our money, and the market has rewarded investors with 27% growth this year, we can’t afford to sit on the sidelines anymore.

While there are tons of trading apps to start with, there aren’t any that help you gain the confidence of knowing how to reach your investing goals. If you’re left winging it, it’s unlikely you’ll reach your goals quickly. Likewise, if you aren’t investing, you are guaranteed to not reach any goal. We want to change that.

If you haven’t started investing or are curious about investing in something new, we give you clear step-by-step lessons designed by experts to help make your first steps feel as easy as riding a bicycle. You can think of us as your personal approachable investment coach.

Today, we’re empowering you to be able to take steps on your own. Tomorrow, we’ll connect you to a community of financial advisors and expert-generated content for you to be able to do more.

Sign up today and get access to 170+ lessons for free. We’re excited to be with you on your investing journey.

– Simon Gu



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