Around 3.0 — Video calls with music and games for your next happy hour

Hi hunters! Dominik here, CEO of Around. Very excited to share this latest version of Around, which expands upon our signature anti-fatigue, collaborative meeting experience to include new ways for remote teams to come together and feel more connected. Our users are loving these new features for more casual get togethers like happy hours, recharge breaks, or co-working sessions.

Some highlights:

🎉 Happy Hours: Take your next team hang to new heights with our Happy Hour feature, which launches you into an immersive experience complete with music and gorgeous backgrounds. Try out our limited edition Holiday Spirit theme for a dose of cheer at your next holiday get together!

🎵 Vibes: Want to add some atmosphere to co-working sessions or design jams? Add music to every type of meeting with one of our curated playlists, including themes like Synthwave, Night Drive, and Chillhop.

🧨 Games: There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to encourage team bonding. We now offer games like Boom Party (drop dynamite to eliminate other players until you’re the last one standing) and Curve Fever (survive the longest by avoiding curves left by other player’s ships), with more games on the way! It’s also a great way to blow off some steam before jumping back into that big project.

👏 Icebreakers: Did that presentation deserve a round of applause? Or cheering from the stands? In addition to reacting with GIFs and emojis, you can also respond with Icebreakers, which are short audio reactions that can be heard by everyone in the meeting.

It’s been over 1.5 years since we first launched Around on Product Hunt and we’re so thankful for all the support and interest we’ve received from the community! Your feedback has helped us make significant improvements in performance and reliability, in addition to shipping countless new features ( Next up, we’re planning on adding meeting recording, which is coming early next year.

Around is free for anyone to try at You can also see what our users are saying here: We’d love to hear what you think of these new features (

Also happy to answer questions and get feedback here—will these meet your team bonding needs? What are you interested in seeing when it comes to remote team culture building and connection?

– Dominik Zane



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