Astrel — Change anything in your apps without touching your code

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Astrel is a web app, and API, that allows you and your team to better manage remote config orchestration.

And by that, I mean the ability to manage your own application’s configuration, remotely, as well as synchronize that configuration across multiple distributed versions of that application to keep everything aligned.

It helps shift the power and responsibility of developers and engineers from having to manage and maintain certain aspects of your application over to any member of your team.

So the happy folks over in marketing can edit copy, those serious characters in sales can update prices, whilst that cheeky CEO no longer needs to commit code to give that special customer some increased limits. This can all be done from Astrel whilst having affects in multiple places across your application.

When you build your application with an Astrel-centered approach you build configurable features, allowing you to focus on ‘the next thing’ whilst giving the power to tweak back to your team.

Building features this way also empowers engineers. Having a nice UI for managing the number of queue workers or balancing the number of jobs a command might queue, for example.

Now you no longer need to create a merge request, run it through CI and wait for a deployment, just a couple of clicks and your configuration is updated across all your applications.

Embracing remote config orchestration is going to make building and maintaining applications a hell of a lot easier.

Astrel has just been released in beta, we have so many more features lined up but we are getting so much day one value from it that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves any longer!

You can get started with Astrel today for free whilst in Beta! This helps us build the features that matter the most to our users before we find a pricing we’re comfortable with.

And to celebrate our Product Hunt launch, if you register today and give us some valuable feedback, we will grant you a lifetime access to our future paid plan no matter its price!

– Loris Leiva



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