BeHuman — A more friendly and intuitive approach to virtual events

We soft-launched in November 2020, but since then have completely re-tooled our platform.

Groups (scientists, students, and work colleagues) may attend events together. Visit vendor booths, listen to keynote speakers, meet other attendees. Vendor booths are self-service with staff accounts.

We aim to facilitate all aspects of an in-person conference. This isn’t your typical video meeting for one-on-one calls or business meetings; BeHuman Communications completely hosts all aspects of an in-person conference. Businesses aren’t in vendor/expo halls like they used to. Attendees aren’t exposed to new ideas and new colleagues like they used to be.

We want to help this situation.

We’re currently looking for some innovative hosts to create our first events together.
Please feel free to check out our website and offerings, and get in touch!

– Matthew Pullerits



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