Blank — Blank is a unique escape room, text based adventure game

Hey All,

Hope you’re all managing through these tough times.

Lock downs have been pretty rough for all of us, no doubt, and I’m sure inspiration hasn’t exactly been easy.

I used to commute 1 hour into work and 1 hour back via the train.

That used to give me an isolated 2 hour window of creative outlet.

I would use that time to create games and side projects without any distraction.

Being a father of 2, working and home schooling in between has proved tricky.

I had an itch to create something and after researching lots of ideas I settled on a text based adventure game.

After spending 1 hour a night for 6 months on and off, I finally created something that I’m proud to show – Blank.

Blank is a unique escape room, text based adventure game with puzzles that will challenge you to the core (and I’m not lying about that last part).

I designed the game with just text and sound and most effort was spent into plot and story (which I re-wrote at least 8 times throughout).

As an MVP, I released the game on Android to get feedback. If you would like to test on iOS – there is a web version you can play below

I hope you enjoy playing Blank 🙂

#textbasedadventure #puzzle #games #android #roomescape

– Matthew Hartman



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