Breezey — Manage your marketing plan & unify your team

Ryan Hill, here – creator of a new marketing collaboration tool for mid to large-sized marketing teams called Breezey.

So, remember that time you were in a hurry to get across town and Google Maps found an alternative route that helped you avoid a traffic jam, shaved 12 minutes off your drive and you arrive in the best mood ever? Well, in a nutshell that’s Breezey, but for Marketers!
After wearing every imaginable marketing hat under the sun over the past 21 years, and struggling through the challenges and frustrations of marketing first-hand, enough was enough.

So I teamed up with The Ksquare Group and we built a super-easy-to-use tool that would become the single source of truth for our marketing efforts. It’s become THE way our marketing team builds and manages our marketing calendar and collaborates to get awesome creative to market ON TIME!

The tool has put the fun back in marketing for us and now we’re sharing it with the world so everyone can ditch the challenges and frustration of marketing and start launching projects the Breezey Way!

Hit us up if you’d like a demo or just want to connect. And stay tuned for updates – the tool is going to keep getting better and better with every week that passes!

– Ryan Hill



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