Bukable — A marketplace to hire verified students for various tasks

Hi everyone!

I am happy to share something I have been working on for some time now and it’s built with the no-code tool This is my first time working with a no-code tool and I hope you all will love what I built.

It’s hard for students currently in the university to get a full-time job to cover the cost of their studies, pay their tuition fees and get more opportunities to build up their skills and become employable for full-time roles after their programs.

But these students have skills that can help them take up short term tasks or jobs or even interning at companies for jobs or tasks like designing a website, graphic, UI/UX, doing digital marketing or social media management, running an errand, cleaning the house among others. is a marketplace to hire verified, vetted and trusted students ready to take up short term tasks or jobs.

Students who are currently in a university doing Bachelors, Masters or PhD degrees will submit their details through an Airtable form, we take the stress to review, verify, do all the background checks and due diligence to make them ready and fit to be hired by you. Students can join here:…

Recruiters and those who need help to get tasks they don’t have time to do to be done only need to access the list of skilled, verified and vetted freelance students at any time and hire any one of them with trust and peace of mind.

With your access, at any time you need anyone to help you carry on a task or job, you go through the list and choose any student to work with, helping them save little monies to take care of their needs, like paying for their tuition fees and get more opportunities to build up their skills and become employable for full-time roles after their program is completed.

Recruiters only pay $99/year for access to the freelance student list and to avoid spamming our students. Students don’t pay anything to join our network. And we don’t charge them anything. They keep 100% of what they earn.

Pre-order access and get 30 days free trial & then $99/yr to access our Freelance Student list and to avoid spamming the students:

Please, I am opened to any feedback or questions about this product and you can drop them in the comment section below. Also, help me share our Producthunt with your network.

– Enyo Sam



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