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Hello PH 👋

I’m excited to introduce you all to Calm QA! 🌿

As an engineer, I’ve noticed that teams don’t really have a great way to manage our QA. We always rely on spreadsheets or documents to keep track. This is often messy, stressful, and chaotic. It requires constantly re-checking spreadsheets and docs for updates. There’s no great way to get a clear sense of the team’s progress. This becomes even more difficult as the number of team members helping out grows. After a recent round of doing QA for a large feature, I came up with the idea for Calm QA.

Calm QA aims to be an easy to use, pleasant tool for helping teams organize their QA. There are a number of tools out there designed specifically for QA engineers. However, we designed Calm QA to be easy enough for anyone on your team to contribute instantly. Engineers, product managers, designers, customer support – we all play a role in shaping our product. We should all play a role in making it better.

Looking forward to any questions or feedback. Excited to hear what you think! 😸

– Dace Willmott



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