Can i set a custom tag and a custom value in laravel component?

<div class="bg-white dark:bg-custom-black-600 dark:text-white rounded px-4 pb-4 pt-2">
    <div class="flex-shrink-0 flex justify-between items-center">
        <h4 class="font-semibold flex-shrink-0">
            {{ __('services') }}
        <i class="ri-hard-drive-2-fill text-blue-600 dark:text-blue-600"></i>
    <p class="text-3xl text-blue-600">
        {{ Auth::user()->services->count() }}

this is my code from the component card.blade.php. Now the question: “Can I make a custom value that I have to specify in the tag <x-card title="" service=""> or is that not possible? I would like {{ __('services') }} and {{ Auth::user()->services->count() }} not to be static in the code example.


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