Changing organisation for compute engine from workspace to cloud identity

I think I made a big mistake.

I was asked to investigate Office 365 vs workspace and took out a workspace trial on our (unknown to me) legacy free g-suite account. In hindsight, I probably should have created a new workspace account to try this.

To be clear this “workspace account” was only ever used to setup our organisation and adminster users for compute engine projects. The workspace apps were not available without a trial. I assumed this was akin to the free azure organisation/user setup. Nowadays, I believe we would be advised to use Google Identity in this situation.

I understand from workspace support that this is irreversable, they will not switch me back to an “identity only” version of workspace, and are forcing me to sign every user up to workspace even though we don’t need it at this point.

I cannot sign our company up to google identity, since our domain is owned by the soon to be deleted workspace.
Therefore my worry is that my business is about to lose access to our compute engine organisation and associated logins, as well as google domains.

The only options I can see are to pay for workspace for our users every month, or create a new organisation in cloud identity, transfer the compute engine projects, wait for the workspace account to be removed, then reclaim our main domain and recreate all the admin users. (I am not sure whether we can move a project out of an organisation once there.)

Is this even possible, and what are the dangers? Are there any other options?


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