CHARACTERZ 2 — The biggest 3D illustrations library in the world

Hello, PH community 👋

I am soooo excited to show you our massive update of CHARACTERZ library – the biggest 3D library.

Because the library is so huge (100,000,000+ combinations of 3D characters) you can use it multiple times on multiple projects and still you will use only a fraction of it.

What is included? 📦
— 9,000+ PNG files
of different characters – which you can use in any design tool, such as Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, Studio, or Illustrator. It contains:
• 2 genders,
• 9 new outfits (police, astronaut, chef, business, gamer, doctor, Dominican, African),
• 19 types of clothes (9 for man, 10 for a woman),
• 12 types of eyeglasses (6 for man, 6 for a woman),
• 26 types of hairs (13 for man, 13 for a woman),
• 8 types of facial expression out of the box
• 8 types of legs,
• 8 types of shoes,
• 39 different poses,
• 3 color skins as a bonus

= _**100,000,000+ combinations _ (9,000+ rendered out of the box)** 🦄

— Blender source files
— Blender generator for easier manipulation with the avatar
— Tutorials for beginners

I hope you will love this update 😍

P.S.: If you are interested in behind the scenes, feel free to follow me on Twitter

– Samuel Briskar



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