Chat Easy — Send WhatsApp messages without saving the contact number

WhatsApp needs you to save the contact number to chat with someone. But sometimes we need quick contact with people or one-time contact, where we don’t want to save the person’s mobile number. For that, you can use this app. Select the country code, write the person’s number and write the message the click the button to chat with the person on WhatsApp. This click 2 chat will save your time. You can also use this to find someone’s WhatsApp account.

The key features are:
• Click to chat.
• Simple but beautiful UI.
• Save time.
• Easy country code selection.
• Writing messages directly.

To support us:
– Rate our app.
– Send us feedback and suggestions.

We will be forever grateful if you try the app and give it a rating. We wish you all to develop yourself more and more and achieve the success you want on this wonderful path.

– Tasnim Anas



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