ChordHelper — Make chord progressions with no music theory

Hey Product Hunt,

This is @jeremy_jung1 and @chenchen_lu bringing you ChordHelper! As a producer, I used to struggle for hours on end to choose the right chords when making music—this inspired me to build ChordHelper, a web app that helps you make good-sounding chord progressions instantly.

Current features include:

👆🏻Choose key, scale, and octave of your progression
🛠️ Use our pre-made chords, or custom-build chords from scratch
🎹 Add sevenths and inversions to your chords
⬇️ Download as a MIDI file to use in your song

All of these features are currently free and live on our website!

Please let us know if you have any feedback—it is greatly appreciated 😄.

– Jeremy Jung



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