CloudTask — Build cloud-native tasks for tooling, fast

Hi, everybody! I’m the co-founder of, and I’m very excited to share our newly released product today! Our primary goal with is to help teams quickly build tooling for their cloud platforms that any team member can easily run & operate.

Here are some important highlights:

– We automatically build a user-friendly form for your task (via the given params) that any member of your team can use to run the task.
– We record each task execution: the parameters, the person who runs the task, the date, and the final outcome.
– We use lambda functions under the hood to provide seamless integration with your existing cloud apps and tooling.
– We provide an in-browser code editor to easily edit and update your code — no need to set up a local dev environment.

We are looking for early adopters to help us iterate the product, and we are more than happy to prioritize your requests and make fit your needs. Just shoot us an email, and we can talk more!

We are also planning to make the product open-source in 2022 and add more support for better integrations with your existing resources on AWS to bring down the friction of building cloud-native tooling, as well as integrations with Slack and Github.

Very excited to hear your feedback!

– Ömer ÜCEL



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