cocoNFT — Sell your Instagram posts as NFTs

👋 Hey PH,

Reid here from cocoNFT! We’re not your typical crypto company. In fact, we’ve built cocoNFT specifically for all the people who don’t know anything about crypto. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to sell their creations as NFTs even if they have $0 of crypto to their name.

With cocoNFT, you get a branded page where you can list your Instagram posts for sale as NFTs. Add the link to your bio and start telling your fans where they can go to shop your feed! 🚀

We’d really love your feedback and we’re here to help if you have any questions. You can find us on Twitter/Instagram/TikTok as @ cocoNFT

Happy Minting!
The cocoNFT Team

– Reid Robinson



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