Collie CLI — Manage your AWS, Azure & GCP clouds with our open-source CLI

Hey everyone!

I am a product manager at where we work for large enterprises dealing with complex cloud environments across multiple cloud service providers. We wanted to bring our experience of governing these multi-cloud environments to the public via an open-source CLI.

Hence Collie was born! Herd your cloud environments with Collie and see all your cloud accounts (a.k.a. tenants), tags, costs, and IAM assets in one single view.

Setting up Collie is very easy and shouldn’t take longer than a minute as it directly communicates with the native cloud CLIs that most of you should have installed already if you work with Azure, AWS, or GCP.

Our goal was to implement a basic feature set that is powerful. If you feel you’re missing something that would empower you on your cloud journey, let us know! We are very open to feedback as we just recently launched.

Tip: we recently wrote a blog post on how you can build a free multi-cloud cost dashboard using Collie’s financial CSV exports, have a read here:…

Our team will be available all day to answer any of your questions, so shoot! ⤵️

– Jelle den Burger



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