Connect Google Sheets to Shopify — Stock management of your Shopify store from Google Sheets

Hello @producthunt! Today you can get ‘Shopify connect’ 🚀

What does it do?

Stock management of your Shopify store from Google sheets

How does it work?
1. This product is connected by API with Shopify, so the first thing is to complete the necessary info to set up YOUR store.

Go to API tab
Complete API key and password
Complete the shop name

2. Click on the custom menu >>> “Inventory Tools”
Pull Current Product list from Shopify
Pull Current Inventory levels from Shopify
Pull Current Location List from Shopify

3. Upload new stock to Shopify
Go to “UPDATE_INVENTORY” tab >>> Link
Select the product
Select the product
Complete with the right stock
Update all the inventories by clicking on Inventory Tools >>> Upload stock to Shopify

Why should I use it?
* Increase your efficiency 10x by upgrading more than 500 products in one click
* Integrate Shopify into all your spreadsheets, you can use Sheets2Sheets to bring your current inventory into the spreadsheet and upload it from there.
* Avoid human error
* Automate your processes

– Milton Slonim



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