Contter Beta — The platform for creating motion content

Hello Hunters! 👋

Introducing our platform for creating motion content. You can easily create content on any device: phone, tablet, or computer. Start your project on your phone and finish it on your PC. We are in the beta stage and would welcome feedback!

For now, only basic content creation and editing tools are available on the platform (text, shapes, and images). But already in this version you can evaluate our basic idea of working with motion content – work with sliders. Sliders allow you to change the state of your content frame by frame even when you are away from your PC. Upload your project in video format in seconds in HD quality!

Our next step is to improve the editor, tools, and interface. In short, anything that will help you work even faster and easier on our platform.

We’re also actively working on creating plugins and presets, a mobile app, and developing our own community.

Be among the first to try out our platform and share your impressions with us! 👐

– Andrey Andronov



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