Cool Gram — Carbon negative Instagram, all the cool kids are doing it

Hey Product Hunters!

Welcome to the ‘coolest’ product on the PH platform. We’re Cool Points Club and we’re reimagining climate action. Not enough is being done to cool our planet but when no ones out there making it fun or engaging to act, we can understand why.

If we want to make the next century worth reaching we have to do two things:
1. Stop pumping carbon into the air; and
2. Get rid of the excess carbon already there.

We exist to deal with the latter, turning everyday activities into opportunities to remove carbon and fund emerging carbon removal technologies, so they can scale and have a massive impact.

We’re all about making things cooler — leaving behind the old way of thinking and cooking up entirely new ways for people and brands to demolish carbon.

The result? The kind of climate action we’ve all been waiting for.

We’re starting with Instagram, but this is only the beginning. Come cool with us.

– Leanne Bats



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