Creating an Infinitely Zooming image (for ANTI-divtober 😉)

#divtober is a time for CSS artists to come out and play. They have to create a different piece of CSS art each day to showcase their CSS artistry and skill!

There are already some fantastic entries, such as this one from @alvaromontoro


I don’t have any skill. But I am still going to participate in my own way 😉

Those of you who follow me already know I don’t do CSS art or single div stuff, so I am going to join the challenge, but do everything except create single div CSS art! 🤣

So what are the challenges?

Day thing to create
1 Fan
2 Watch
3 Quick
4 Loop
5 Tired
6 Hungry
7 Toxic
8 Growing
9 Homonym
10 Organised
11 Slice
12 Squeak
13 Camouflage
14 Fancy
15 Float
16 Snow
17 Stack
18 Shine
19 Nostalgia
20 Journey
21 Magic
22 Critter
23 Loud
24 Smelly
25 Dip
26 Spice
27 Film
28 Dots
29 Fruit
30 Contrast
31 Spooky

Day 1-4 entry

The first 4 days are fan, watch, quick and loop.

So I did a fan, watching a concert, that is part of a quick infinite loop 😂🤣

You’re silly

Yeah I know!

You should check out the truly skilled people at

Have a great week everyone, keep an eye out for my next entry!


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