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👋 Hey Product Hunters, Adam here, co-founder & CEO of Daffy
After a year of stealth, Alejandro and I are so excited to be building in public. Our mission is simple: help people be more generous, more often. To do this, we’ve launched an app to make giving a habit—and we would love for you all to join the Daffy community.

Here is a quick run-through of the product and our inspiration.

⛔️ The problem
Most people want to be generous and believe that it is important to give money to the charities and causes they care about. We spent a lot of time talking to people about how they think about giving — and one of the surprising insights was the incredible lack of consistency across different people on how much people believe they should give to charity every year. However, one thing was clear. Almost everyone believes that they should be giving some amount to charity every year.

Unfortunately, while the intention is there, most people do not meet their own goals for giving. Professional and personal demands push giving to the backburner, and people end up giving less than they would like. They end up feeling guilty about it, and a bit ashamed that they didn’t live up to their ideals. It’s understandable.

We believe that technology has a role to play in solving this problem. Why can’t we use the same techniques that we have used to help people shop and save to help people give?

✅ The solution
We built Daffy around the idea that this problem can be solved by simply selecting how much you want to set aside to give every year, and then automating those contributions. We call it “The Daffy Pledge.” Just tell Daffy how much you want to give, select weekly, monthly, or yearly—and you’ll join a community bound together by this simple commitment: to proactively put money aside for good.

With Daffy, you can open up your app in seconds, select donate, pick an amount knowing that you have the funds available, and then select from over 1.5 million charities to donate to.

No more worrying whether you have enough money to give. No more notes and to-do items to go to the right website or find the donation form when you get home. No more worrying about donation receipts for your taxes.

Daffy is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, and so contributions to Daffy are considered tax-deductible in the year they are made. Daffy is the Donor-Advised Fund for You™.

Here is what you can do with Daffy:
– Take the Daffy Pledge by choosing how much money you want to put aside for charity every week, month, or year, or make a one-time contribution to get started.
– Contribute in cash, stock, or crypto, and pick any amount that’s right for you.
– Invest your Daffy fund in one of our nine modern investment portfolios, including Standard, ESG, Crypto.
– Watch your fund grow **tax-free**—and send more money to charities over time.
– Donate to any of over 1.5 million charities in the U.S, right from your phone.
– Plus, never lose a donation receipt again!

👋 Can’t wait to hear what you think.
While we are incredibly excited about our initial release, we know there are so many more innovative ways we can help people be more generous, more often.

Looking forward to your thoughts—and excited for you to join us!

– Adam Nash



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