Dish TV Top HD Channel Packs That Are Also Affordable

Dish TV is one of the best DTH providers that offer the best channel packs for its users. The company introduces new channel packs for the users on a timely basis and removes old ones that do not sell well among subscribers. If you are interested in watching your favourite content in HD, then Dish TV has a slew of packs for you. Check out the HD TV packs offered by Dish TV from its official website as per the language or circle wise to know more details.

Affordable Dish TV Top HD Channel Packs

Notably, Dish TV offers HD channel packs in various languages such as Hindi, Odiya, Bangla, Gujarati, and Marathi. Here are some popular and affordable Dish TV HD channel packs for you.

One of the most affordable Hindi TV packs from Dish TV is the Hindi Prime HD channel pack priced at Rs 177. It offers 42 pay channels comprising 16 HD channels and 26 SD channels. This pack includes all popular Hindi and infotainment channels.

For the Bangla audience, there is a Swagat Bangla HD channel pack from Dish TV. It comes with a 30-day subscription and offers 33 pay channels. The pack comprises 14 HD channels and 19 SD channels and comes with complete Bangla channels, popular Hindi channels in Sports, Kids and Infotainment segments. It is priced at Rs 175 for a month.

For the Odiya audience, there is the Swagat Odia HD pack, which is priced at Rs 85 for a 30-day subscription. It comes with 25 pay channels that include 5 HD channels and 20 SD channels. This Dish HD pack offers the complete Odia channels, and popular Hindi, Kids and Infotainment channels.

The Swagat Marathi HD pack from Dish TV offers 27 pay channels and is priced at Rs 120 for 30 days. This pack includes 9 HD channels and 18 SD channels comprising complete Marathi channels and popular Hindi Kids and Infotainment channels.

Priced at Rs 160 for a month, the Swagat Gujarati HD plan comes bundled with 45 pay channels that comprise 15 HD channels and 30 SD channels. It includes a complete combo of Gujarati channels and popular kids and infotainment Hindi channels as well.


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