Enterprises Plan to Operate Business in Hybrid Cloud Environments: NetApp

Around 77% of the IT infrastructure owners and decision-makers want to operate their business in hybrid cloud environments for the foreseeable future, a NetApp survey found. This is to meet the growing business demands for being able to innovate faster while optimising the operations and lowering the infrastructure costs. NetApp, a global data-centric software company, had conducted a survey for assessing the adoption of hybrid cloud strategies and operational focus areas among its global enterprise customer base.

Enterprises Embracing Hybrid Cloud Models

Ravi Chhabria, Managing Director, NetApp India said, enterprises are going for the hybrid cloud models because it will help them in scaling out IT resources for providing support to the mission and business-critical applications and workloads.

Chhabria added that NetApp is one of the industry-leading companies in providing hybrid multi-cloud solutions to its customers.

The survey conducted by NetApp revealed that only 17% of the organisations wanted to completely shift IT to the cloud. Those surveyed said that the major benefits of hybrid cloud are – faster innovation (26%), increased responsiveness to customers (25%), and increased collaboration (25%).

Nearly 27% of the respondents to the survey said that they are looking to improve infrastructure flexibility and scale because the hybrid cloud allows IT teams to get access to the on-demand and emerging technologies offered by the public cloud while still leveraging legacy systems running reliably on-premises.

Over 21% of the respondents said that they are looking to optimise costs, while 13% of the respondents said they need to improve data accessibility.

The survey revealed that data protection (including disaster recovery, backup, and archiving) was the most popular use case of the hybrid cloud. Over 29% of the respondents said that they are using hybrid cloud for data protection or they plan to within the next 24 months.

NetApp’s hybrid cloud solutions are helping companies and organisations globally to streamline data centre operations and keep costs in check.


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