Epicons — 2000+ pixel perfect icons for modern interfaces

Hey Community,
How’s everyone?

After months of research and design, we’ve come up with a tremendous pixel-perfect icon set containing 2000+ Icons:

“Epicons | Top Notch Modern Icons”

We provide a free trial for you guys to dig deeper to further evaluate the set. After seeing our free trial, you may want to use the product hunt exclusive discount code (PHUNT20) to grab the Epicons Basic or Premium package.

Basic is basically line icons, whereas, in premium, you do get all line and solid icons

Feel free to share your opinions about the icon set and give us feedback on how we can make it even better!

Thank y’all 🙂

p.s: We have drawn them in a way that all the icons look damn crisp for mobile, web, for 24px, for 16px, for 32px. It’s the magi.. oh sorry it’s all about mathematics and we worked a lot for it 🙂

– Ümit Can Evleksiz



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