EquiHome — An app for transparent distribution of chores

Hi PH, this is Deepti, a software developer, and product designer. I have developed the iOS app for Tapzo(acquired by Amazon). When I joined the workforce and saw too few female peers and leaders, I wondered why. I want to solve the problem of gender disparity, and chose to first address it inside homes. EquiHome is a tool to invite more collaboration amongst household members. Usually, one person, typically a woman, carries most of the household responsibilities. EquiHome helps track the effort and attribution for chores in households:
1. Create a personal and shared task list
2. Track progress, visualize the individual contribution
3. Celebrate each other’s contribution, get personalized rewards
4. Perform hands-free queries, “Alexa, what’s next to do at home?”

– Deepti Pandey



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