Evlumba — Let’s design your living spaces together

Hi i am Gokhan,

I am co-founder of Evlumba. Let me tell you about the value propositions of Evlumba and the reasons for initiating this project. well, Evlumba is the brand new technology that provides architectural concept designs to inspire consumers who would like to design their own living space and enjoy browsing through interior design ideas and decorations. Furniture and home appliances that belong to different brands couldnt be found together in one single concept. so, we gather them together in shoppable image format to save time and financial resources of our clients. We mainly create interior design ecosystem with evlumba professional module having interior architects, designers, painters, decorators and builders inside, so that our clients can easily get advise from professionals regarding their needs or the designs they liked on Evlumba. We actually provide professionals with an opportunity to become a freelancer and even an influencer by this way. Our team is working hard to achieve our goals. So lets design your living spaces together:)

– Gokhan Ozfirat



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