ExactBuyer Prospector — Real-time B2B & B2C prospecting solution

👋 Hey Product Hunt, ExactBuyer team here.

We are very excited to launch ExactBuyer Prospector🔎! Used by the world’s leading growth teams at Cience, Gorgias, FISPAN, and Insperity, let us share why ExactBuyer’s data-powered ⚡ solutions provide everything you need to go-to-market faster:

1. 🧠 Go Deeper
The deepest company intelligence available on 20M+ companies: get more data for every company, including website keywords, technologies, funding information, geographic data, and over 50+ signals. Our 365M+ contacts dataset provides more information per person than any other data vendor in the market including the hard-to-find long tail of contacts (like gig economy workers, construction workers, daycare personnel, etc.).

2. 🏆 Head to Head
Who doesn’t love a good 🤜🤛 head-to-head test? See how our match rates compare with other platforms via our Exact Match bulk enrichment service which allows you to provide far more input fields to match on along with unparalleled analytics to better identify and segment your audiences. Other vendors claim to have real-time data, but we are the only ones who provide real-time fresh data (don’t take our word, use the fetch real-time option in our platform to experience that yourself!)

3. 💯 Ultimate Prospecting
Audience building shouldn’t be guesswork! ExactBuyer’s prospecting solution provides a wide range of contact & company filters to truly define hyper-targeted audiences and supercharge your growth efforts. Keep track of your active leads and accounts by building lists on our platform.

4. ♾️ Powerful Integrations
Integrate advanced B2B data intelligence into your product & workflows using our Enrichment and Prospector APIs alongwith support for 15+ CRM integrations such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Marketo.

💳 50% PH Launch Discount
Use the code EB50 to get a 🎁 50% discount on all our plans today.

We look forward to knowing what challenges do you face in creating audiences and how can we better help you achieve that.🙏.

– Haris Muneer



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