Excitel Offers Better Same Priced Plan than JioFiber

Excitel is one of the fastest-growing broadband internet service providers (ISPs) in India. The ISP has been expanding its business in multiple new cities of the country and plans to reach more and more tier-2 and tier-3 cities. At the same time, there is JioFiber, one of the largest ISPs in India, which is almost present everywhere. One thing that’s common between Excitel and JioFiber is that both offer affordable broadband plans to the customers. There’s one plan that both the companies offer to their customers, but Excitel’s plan is much better. Here’s what you should know about it.

Excitel Rs 699 Broadband Plan

Excitel offers its Rs 699 plan with 100 Mbps speed and truly unlimited data. The price mentioned here is exclusive of taxes. Further, there are no installation charges taken by the company, and users get ONU devices against a security deposit of Rs 2,000. What’s great about this plan is that users can consume as much data as they want. There is no fair-usage-policy (FUP) limit restricting them to use high-speed data until a particular point. Further, the longer validity the users go for, the cheaper plan becomes. From Rs 699 per month, the price of the plan drops to Rs 399 per month if the users go for a yearly connection. Let’s take a look at what Jio is providing for the same.

JioFiber Rs 699 Broadband Plan

JioFiber offers the same speed plan to the users for Rs 699. Even here, the taxes are not included. JioFiber restricts the user at 3.3TB data consumption in a month. But there’s a free voice calling connection offered which is not a big deal, to be honest. There are no over-the-top (OTT) benefits offered with this plan, not even the Jio applications. It has a validity of 30 days, like Excitel’s plan.

JioFiber doesn’t offer anything else with its Rs 699 plan. So the 100 Mbps plan from the ISP is as cheap as Excitel’s plan, but it looks a little bland. With Excitel’s plan, users at least get truly unlimited data. Further, JioFiber’s long-term plans aren’t that big of an advantage as compared to Excitel’s long-term plans.

The 12 months 100 Mbps plan from Excitel will bring the monthly price down by Rs 300, which means savings of Rs 3,600 at the time of purchase. All things considered, Excitel’s 100 Mbps plan, which is priced the same as JioFiber’s 100 Mbps plan, is a better option when the price to benefits ratio is concerned.


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