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Hey Product Hunt!

I’m Eric, and we’re super excited to launch Faxtail, which has been under development for a year!

Back in 2020 when we had to send paperwork to the government, they would only accept fax or mail. Looking online for faxing services, they were limited to a single page, ads, or monthly subscription fees. Some looked really sketchy. Fed up with dealing with the government and these customer-unfriendly solutions, we built Faxtail.

Faxtail brings back the simplicity to sending a fax online. Dealing with old stodgy companies (eFax) suck, but faxing doesn’t have to.
🙌 Simple:
✅ Pay with PayPal
✅ No account setup
✅ No monthly fees

✅ Fax in under a minute
✅ 3 automatic retries
✅ No waiting for your turn

✅ HTTPS Secured with 128 bit encryption
✅ No file retention
✅ No ads

👀Other key features coming:
⚡️ Fresh new UI
⚡️ Proof of fax page

⏳Build Timeline:
🏁 1 week from idea to prototype & first announcement
🏁 7 weeks of initial build
🏁 3 weeks of refining the flow
✅ 4 weeks gather feedback and fine tune the system

🤓Try it yourself!

P.S. There’s still a lot of work to do, so you are especially invited to send feedback. We can be reached at @seminuked or @NewTypeKai on Twitter!

– Eric Semeniuc



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