Figma Academy — Learn advanced design tactics directly in Figma

Ridd here 👋 Figma Academy is an all-new program that teaches advanced product design tactics directly within Figma itself.

It’s not for beginners, and it’s definitely not a collection of hacks. The learning experience focuses on strategies and mental models that make you more valuable to your product teams and help you elevate the finer details of your craft.

My name is Michael Riddering! I’ve been designing products for the past decade and am currently the founding designer at I’m also super passionate about design education and have been working as a design advisor for the popular UI course, Shift Nudge for the past year+

~2 years ago I had the idea for “Learning Figma in Figma” and have been obsessed with building out a complete learning management system ever since. I like to think I built a better Teachable entirely within Figma 🙂

In the Fall of 2021, I opened up a beta program with 500+ designers from awesome design teams like Netflix, Grubhub, Zillow, and more…

Today, I am FINALLY opening enrollment for anyone!

To celebrate, I’m offering a huge launch discount of $200 off the course for the next 24 hours! So make sure you use the code `PH200` to sign up 👍

– Michael Riddering



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