Free Best Login Page Templates (Written in HTML, CSS and JS)

A login page is a web page or website entry page that requires user identification and authentication, which is often accomplished by providing a username and password combination. If you have some coding experience then you can easily make login pages on your own. But in some cases, you have limited time to complete your project and in such cases, you might need login page templates that you can directly use with your website. Logins might give you access to the full site or just a section of it. Logging in allows the website to track the user’s activity and habits in addition to providing site access.

You can find various sources for the login page templates, but the following are some of the best login page templates that are available for free and you can modify them and even redistribute them.

This is a responsive transparent login page template in HTML and CSS. If you are searching for a responsive login page HTML and CSS template for free then you definitely have to try it.

You can download this transparent login form from this link.

This one is the simple login form template written HTML, CSS, and javascript. Simple in the sense of its functions. You have inputs for the username or email and password and a login button. The important options like Sign Up and Forget Passwords are also there, however you have to do some backend work to use them. 

Simple login form template


You can download this template for free from this link.


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This template also has all the basic options that a simple login page template needs. In addition to these, the options like login with other emails like Google, Facebook, etc are also included in this template. You can easily add more options with simple code manipulation.


login form with other options


You can download this login form template for free from this link.


If it is one’s personal device, then it becomes a bit tedious if they have to input a username and password every time. To make it easier what you can do is use a remember me option which will take care that they don’t have to input username and password every time they log in. This login form template is the perfect frontend design for that situation.


Login form with remember me option


You can download this login form template for free from this link.


This is a window 10 style login form template. It mimics the login page of windows. Your website looks cool if you use this login page template. It is written completely using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


windows 10 style login form


You can download this login form template for free from this link.

This is a simple but responsive login form and registration form design written completely using HTML, CSS, and javascript. You can download and test this login and registration form HTML design for free. If you want to learn how is this login + registration form made watch this.

basic login form with registration form html css

You can download this login form template for free from this link.

Some of the features of these templates are:

  • The design is responsive and clean.
  • Other login options are hidden and appear once you click on the Sign-in options link.
  • Free to use and modify the template.
  • uses pure HTML, CSS, and javascript code.
  • code is simple and concise.


For other similar website components and widgets, you can visit here.


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