Get 1TB of Storage for FREE from!, a provider of various hosting services, is offering 1TB of free storage in Jena, Germany.

The storage can be accessed via FTP and FTP/S, rsync, webdav, and other methods, and is advertised with 1 Gbit/s connection speeds and unmetered bandwidth.

It’s important to note the terms:

  • Free period is for 1 year
  • The offer will be renewed for 60EUR/year automatically unless you cancel 3 months prior to end of free period (i.e., after 9 months).
  • One per customer
  • New customers only

As long as you can remember to cancel (or are happy with the service and are willing to continue to pay), this is a great free service.

EUServ Free 1TB

If you decide to give it a spin, let us know how it goes in the comments below!

Thanks to LowEndTalk member @default for mentioning this on LET.

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