GiveGreat.Gifts — Stress free gifting from recommendations to ordering

Hi everyone! I’m Nick and I am the founder of GiveGreat.Gifts! GiveGreat.Gifts is a web app for gift giving, with highly personalized gift recommendations, gift tracking, and order automation.

I’m really excited to share this with you just before Christmas. As someone who has both given and received bad gifts, it’s the worst! Everyone I talked to has some pain point with gift giving and G3 seeks to solve three main problems: What to buy, tracking gifting over time, and making sure the gift is delivered on time.

I would love to get any feedback or advice on the platform – I’m constantly looking to improve relationships with technology and hope that many great gifts can be given with the help of the platform.

One more thing – I know ProductHunt loves nocode, and G3 was built with – let me know what you think!

– Nick



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