Glass — Everything post-sales

Hello everyone! 👋

Really happy to finally share what we’ve been working on.

We created Glass to solve a major problem with physical products: Post-sales analytics and engagement is almost non-existent. 🕳️

Glass lets brands convert their packages into personalized smart packages, to engage and retain their buyers. With Glass, brands can easily help their buyers build a happy relationship with the brand through the products’ lifecycle. Including things like managing warranties, requesting services and much much more. In a very human-friendly way. ✨

We empower the brands to track their products and help their customers authenticate them – keeping counterfeits out. We deliver real-time authentication using cryptographically secured Crystal Codes based on blockchain. This also provides brands with insights into products journey that they’ve never had access to before. 🛡️

Here’s how it works:
📦 Add our code to your packages, and convert them to smart packages.
📸 Your buyer scans the product with their phone’s camera to interact with it.
See for yourself:
💯 You get validated intelligence of your products directly from customers.

We’re currently running trials with multiple brands across several industries including Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Cannabis, Pet food, etc.

Can’t wait to answer your questions 🙂 Thank you to this amazing community! 😇

Vishnu V,
Co-founder | Glass Cryptolabs

– Vishnu V



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