Gym Diary — Keep log of all your workouts

Hi Everyone,

I am the creator of this app Gym Diary. I created this app few years ago when i started working out and needed a simple app to keep track of my workout activities. It was a simple app to keep track of workout activities at any place but now the app has evolved to be so much more!

As a core feature, you can create unlimited number of exercises of any kind from walking in the park to lifting weights in the gym and log it in the app. The app also features beautiful user interface which has been improved a lot in the latest version & supports both light & dark mode.

Now you can also create a workout plan, add drafts for it & log your planned workout with a single tap. You can also view your workout history, add notes for your workout & visualize the progress of the workout with a beautiful line graph.

Besides workout, now you can also track calories, body weights & also measure various parts of the body. App also offers icloud sync, additional app icons, notifications & so much more!

This app is available in iOS Platform. It is free to download & offers various pro features for a very small price (~ 1 coffee per month). I would love to answer your queries if you guys have any. Also, if there are any suggestions or ideas for the app, please do tell.


– Nishan



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