HackerRank Interview — Click, interview and it’s done

Hi, Danielle here. 👋 (The non-NFT version of me is less witchy)

I’ve been following the changes that DAOs and decentralization in general are having on the future of work, and I am fired up about the reality of a world where the power moves to the creator. Similar to introducing reading and writing to the world, I am seeing the the clear and inevitable shift towards the masses identifying at least in some way as a software development (or at least low code/no code).

It doesn’t matter where you live, what family you were born into, or if you’re a 5’5 girl from a farm in the middle of Pennsylvania – if you have access to the internet and the willingness to learn, you can create anything.

It’s my mission to make it as easy as possible to help anyone join this moment, so that we can accelerate the world’s innovation.

I’m proud to work at HackerRank where we’re giving our product away, because we believe in the future of technical hiring. We want candidates to shine, and to accomplish that we have to work with companies (and the developers within companies) to provide an interview where candidates can show off their best selves. This is one little step in putting SKILLS over pedigree.

I hope you find value in this product. PLEASE share any ideas/feedback/thoughts with the product team in the comments below.

Do drop recommendations for companies who could benefit from this developer first hiring revolution.

💚 Happy hiring.

– Danielle Bechtel



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